Bite Vein Studios

BITE VEIN STUDIOS is a video game development studio with the player as the central axis of our philosophy. Our mission is to offer video games where players have ownership of the game content and are also part of the company.

Our vision is to explore the possibilities offered by blockchain technology (crypto assets and NFTs) in different video game genres. Each BITE VEIN STUDIOS game will have its own economy and unique content value. On the other hand, all studio games will be under the umbrella of the $VEIN token: the studio's governance token that will represent the joint value of all of them. When creating video games we work with 3 fundamental principles in mind:

  1. Entertainment for years thanks to the generation of content and its decentralization.

  2. We create video games above all else, before investment vehicles.

  3. An equivalence relationship between the value of our token in the game and its fiat value in order to create stable and healthy tokens.

These principles entail a series of benefits for players such as being able to generate long-term profitability without depending on the value of the governance token or carry out any transaction with our tokens or NFTs (buy, exchange, sell, ...) without depending on the state of the game.

We are fully committed to a free-to-play model in our video games, so that any player can start playing without barriers to entry.

At BITE VEIN STUDIOS we are professional developers with experience in different successful IPs such as Battlefield, Hearthstone or Dragon City. That is why we DO NOT believe in video games as "financial or investment vehicles" but in video games with a fundamental pillar as a flag: entertainment above all.

Our commitment is to offer games with high production values ​​in gameplay and adapt traditional virtual economies to the advantages offered by the blockchain.

Regarding the organization of our studio, we have independent teams dedicated exclusively to each project. So each team is responsible for expanding, improving, and perfecting each project to provide our players with entertainment, support, and expansions for years to come.

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