Resources and objects

Players can increase their collection of Zomons and progress through the adventure thanks to the following systems:

In the exclusive pre-sales of NFT content.

In these events we will offer players exclusive pre-sale Zomons for a limited time. The content that we will offer you as a player will be: new Zomons creatures and useful runes for their evolution. Both items will have utility in the game.

Buy - Sell - Exchange with crypto on the marketplace.

As a player you can enter the game's marketplace to buy, sell or exchange your creatures, tokens and runes. This way you will have the opportunity to manage your own resources. The Bite Vein Studios company will earn 6% of all internal sales on the marketplace. As a reward for the holders of the $VEIN token, the company will share with them 30% of that income.

Buy - sell with Fiat money inside the game.

Our intention as a company is to offer you as a player a stable, healthy token and avoid uncontrolled falls governed by the market. For that we will create an equivalence between in-game utility tokens and fiat money.

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