Charm & Engrave

Each Zomon has four slots available to equip $RUNES.

Runes are game tokens that improve the basic stats (hp, attack, defense, ...) of creatures.

A $RUNE can provide up to two additional stat bonuses: attack, defense, hp, critical, and evasion. The player can equip or unequip $RUNES from Zomons at any time, except if the Zomon evolves. In this case, the runes equipped by the Zomon will become part of the new evolution and will provide an additional increase to the Zomon's stats. During the evolution the equipped runes will burn and make room for another 4 $RUNES in the current evolution.

$RUNEs can be obtained by playing dungeons or by acquiring them through the gacha mechanic.

There are 12 different $RUNEs based on zodiac signs and 3 other special ones. They all add a bonus to stats in a different way, the right combination of $RUNEs plus a leveled character improves the character's stats.

In turn, each $RUNE can be enchanted to enhance its power. This can be done up to four times. The following figure shows the number of $RUNEs that are "burned" to evolve a specific rune to the maximum level.

When enchanted, $RUNEs gain new enhanced stats to power up Zomons.

Enchanting a $RUNE costs $GOLD.

This increases the "burn" of this currency contributing to the control of inflation. Depending on the level of the $RUNE, the stat bonus is better.

The strategic use of these is a key point in the resulting Zomon after evolving it and they contribute to each Zomon being truly unique. The total number of points a $RUNE awards for the first level is always 21 to balance the runes, health points count double.

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