Zomon is designed as a single-player and multiplayer game with a structure that allows us to add more game content: quests, modes, and creatures on a frequent basis to keep players interested for years to come. The main game modes in Zomon are: Adventure Mode (Quest) and Competitive Mode (PVP).

Adventure mode (Quest)

Adventure mode is the main mode in Zomon and currently consists of 74 levels. In adventure mode, players go through two phases of gameplay: an exploration phase and a battle phase.

Exploration phase

The first stage in each adventure mission will be to explore the dungeon in true RPG style.

Players will be able to make decisions in a GRID and decide which path to choose. This mechanic allows players to tailor missions to their particular gameplay. Players interested in exploring and getting 100% of the tokens will prefer to explore and get all the secrets in the dungeons, while other players more interested in battle can go directly to this phase.

Battle phase

During the battle the player will test his team of Zomons against the enemies in the dungeon.

Battles are played in turns and who goes first is decided randomly. During the battle the game data is released. The game dice contain the natural elements of the Zomons. This way when the player rolls the data only the Zomons whose elements appear on the dice will be able to attack the enemies.

For example, if 1 fire die and 1 water die appear when the player rolls the dice, only the Zomons on the team that contain those elements will be able to attack. The rest of Zomons of other elements will not be able to do anything.

The Zomon team that manages to defeat the opposing team (reducing the vitality of its members to 0) wins the battle.

Competitive mode (PvP)

The PvP mode is an asynchronous competitive mode (non-real time matches) where the player battles his team of Zomons against the team of other players.

Achieving victory in PvP mode earns league points for the victorious player and advances in the league ranking. The prizes of the leagues are resources to climb the ranks and become the best Zomon player.

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