Gashapones (also known as Capsule toys) are spherical capsules that players can obtain in the gacha mechanic.

When the player decides to make a spin on the gacha machine, they get a capsule with different random items inside as a reward.

This is one of the ways (besides the marketplace) that players will be able to get new Zomons and $RUNEs.

There are different types of gachapones with different probabilities of obtaining these rewards.

Types of gachapon machines

Players can access 3 different types of gachapon machines:

  • Standard gachapon machine: The standard gachapon machine will always be active during the game and offers different odds to get $RUNEs and Zomons that belong to the standard collection through the $ZPN token or fiat money.

  • Gachapon event machine: This gachapon machine is only active during the duration of the events in the game and offers Zomos exclusive to those events. Requires special event items to use.

Anchor system to Fiat

In this mechanic, players will be able to decide if they prefer to use the $GOLD / $MATIC token to buy their capsule or use Fiat money.

This equivalence between $GOLD/$MATIC and Fiat money will mean that the published Zomons the player can always decide what is more convenient for him: pay tokens / fiat money and get a random zomon or buy a specific creature in the marketplace.

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