Zomon: The path of heroes
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Marketplace fees

In all games made by Bite Vein Studios, players will own all content: NFT-items or resource-tokens. As a player you can exchange, sell, buy or give them away, if you feel like it.
For this, you will have a Marketplace available where these operations will be carried out.
From these operations Bite Vein Studios will charge 6% as commissions. This system serves as a lever and driver for our investors.
Every six months we will distribute proportionally among the holders of the $VEIN Token 30% of the income from these fees.
Of the remaining 70%, 20% will go to the creative artists of the NFTs.
The remaining 50% will be used to pay blockchain commissions to make the user experience as easy as possible.
Our goal is to create a billion dollar economy. If you want to know more about the $VEIN Token visit our company whitepaper.