Enhance is the mechanic that players use to level up their Zomons to improve their stats for battle. Each Zomon gets experience points for each battle and this will help them level up and become more competitive.

Each creature has a Max Level and Max XP field that defines how the level table is calculated. The formula to calculate the new attributes allows calculating each parameter taking into account a base parameter, a maximum parameter and a growth curve. Thus, the calculation of the ATK, DEF and HP attributes is given by the following formula:

However, in the case of CRIT and EVA, the formula varies slightly since it is calculated considering a global maximum value for both CRIT and EVA. This is done in order not to allow those two values to grow more than 33-40% in the best of cases.

Zomons' attributes can also be improved by socketing $RUNES. (See CHARM & ENGRAVE section). Each Zomon can only level up as far as its evolution allows. If a player wants to continue leveling up a Zomon, they must evolve it and continue with its progress. (See Evolve section)

Enhance Premium

With Enhance Premium, players can instantly acquire the experience points required to level up their Zomons. Enhance Premium payment will be made using the $MATIC token. In the future we will implement a way to level up your zomons using fiat.














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