Anchor system to FIAT

Our mission as a company is to create video games that are fun for years and take advantage of blockchain technology so that our players can monetize their tokens and items in a profitable and safe way.

We do not believe in creating short-fuse video games, where the explosion of the token makes money for a privileged few and then the value sinks, making the remaining majority lose money. This causes frustration, serious capital losses, as well as undermines the credibility and reliability of a token.

For these reasons, all Bite Vein Studios games will include an anchor system between the game token and fiat money.

For example, as a player you will be able to compare how much it costs (in fiat money) to raise a Zomon to level 10 versus buying that same level 10 Zomon from another player in the marketplace. As a player you can decide which option is more convenient for you.

And thus avoid pyramidal price systems and high entry barriers.

An example of this anchored price system is found in the following mechanics:

  • The Enhance mechanic: The player will be able to pay using the $MATIC token and in the future we will introduce fiat payment.

  • The gachapon mechanic: The player will be able to pay with $GOLD and the $MATIC token.

The $RUNE tokens will not have an anchor system. Although they are technically tokens, they are treated in-game as an NFT.

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