50,000 before the first Zomon generation, the world of Shala is uninhabited. The only presence that exists in the world are groupings of matter that in other worlds are known as "elements". However, one day everything changed. The appearance of comet Imm changed the history of the world of Shala forever.

The stories of the first Zomon generations tell that this comet, the result of the explosion of a magical and distant world, was trapped by the atmosphere of Shala as it passed close to its orbit. During its journey, the comet split into several pieces and each of these fragments landed and impacted on the different elements of the world of Shala. From that vortex of energy, matter and magic, the Zomon lands and the first generation of these creatures were born. The union of the comet with fire created the land of Eridu, a land of volcanoes ruled by mighty warriors.

The fragment that hit the forests created the fertile lands of Shurú, home of healing and life. From the impact on the sea the ocean of Nipur was born, from which creatures emerged with the power to rule over water. Part of the celestial also fell into barren and desert lands creating Ururk, a hiding place for powerful sorcerers. The last known fragment fell in the Marutuk archipelago, the only area of ​​the Shala world that never receives light, thus giving rise to dark creatures that only live at night. Between the union of the elements of the world of Shala and the magical energy of the comet, the first forms of life were born. Creatures known as Zomons.

Each Zomon species, akin to their respective elements and nature, were born as simple and primitive life forms. However, little by little they began to be aware of their nature, time and existence.

Hundreds of years later they began to make progress. They began to be curious about their capabilities, expand their territories, and satisfy their curiosity about the environment in which they lived. Thus, exploring their lands, these creatures discovered strange magical stones called runes. These stones, coming from virgin fragments of the comet, granted greater powers to the Zomons that possessed them. Currently the Zomons live in a war for the possession and control of these magical stones in order to ensure their survival in the world of Shala.

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