The Zomons are the fantastic creatures that inhabit the mythological world of Shala.

They are represented in static 3D models and their collection is the mainstay of the game. Every Zomon in the game is unique. Each creature has a series of attributes (rarity, sign, dice, ...) that make it unique and different from the rest (even if the 3D model is the same).

The attributes that define each Zomon are:

  • Species

  • Nature

  • Zodiac sign

  • Rarity

  • Dice

  • Runes

  • Stats

  • Active Skill & Leader skill

  • Level

  • Evolution

  • Gender

  • Set

  • Edition

  • 3D model

  • 3D base


Each Zomon belongs to a species within the fantastic mythology related to its nature. For example, aquatic nature includes species such as sharks, fish or mermaids. While the aerial nature contains species such as owls or pterodactyls.


Nature is the elemental affinity of the Zomon. Each Zomon can have a maximum affinity for 2 elements. There are 5 different types of elements: fire, air, earth, water and darkness. These items grant different strengths and weaknesses to Zomons during battle.

Zodiacal Sign

There are 15 zodiac signs for the Zomons, one for each zodiac sign and 3 special hidden ones.

The zodiac sign reflects the individual personality of each Zomon. This attribute affects your stats and progression curves during the game. In this way, even if two Zomons belong to the same species, they can have different zodiac signs, which gives them different statistics and progression curves.

The value of the increase in a stat is 10% (x 1.1 in the stat at level 100). The decrease is also 10% (x 0.9 on the stat at level 100).


Rarity is a system for labeling the uniqueness and frequency of appearance of a Zomon. A Zomon can only belong to a single rarity and these can be: common, rare, epic, legendary and mythic.


Each Zomon has a single die associated with it. Dice are game items used in battle turns to decide which Zomon to attack. A Zomon can only attack when the resulting die face matches its element. This creates a strategy dynamic during battle as the player must decide which Zomon/die combination best suits the team's strategy.

The dice have 6 faces (5 representing the elements of the game + failure to attack). The composition of the dice is created when creating the Zomon. What makes each Zomon really different is the large number of possible combinations between dice, faces and signs of the zodiac. Giving rise to different team composition strategies.


$RUNES are in-game items that can be equipped in the four available slots that each Zomon possesses.

More information about the $RUNES, rules and how they work in the $RUNES section.


Stats are the battle parameters of the Zomons. Its meaning is as follows:

  • Attack: Damage that the Zomon causes in battle.

  • Defense: Resistance to blows received in battle.

  • Evasion: Chance to dodge a received attack.

  • Critical: Chance to make a critical hit that multiplies x4 the damage.

  • HP (Health): It is the total number of life points that a Zomon has. When this parameter reaches 0 the Zomon is defeated.


Each Zomon has a level that represents its stats (attack, defense, evasion, critical, hp). The player will be able to increase the level of their Zomons by playing with them.

Active Skill

Each Zomon has an active ability that can be used during battle.

The use of this ability is triggered when the Zomon has attacked N number of times during the battle and it is up to the player to choose when is the best time to use it.

Combining different characters and abilities can increase the chances of winning a battle by adding extra strategic value to team building.

Leader Skill

Each Zomon also has a team leader ability. It is a passive ability (activates automatically) that is executed when the Zomon in question is selected as a team leader and is alive during the battle.


Each Zomon has a limited number of evolutions defined by its rarity. Evolution is the process required to, through different ranges of levels, bring a creature to its full potential. More information in the EVOLVE section.


Each zomon can be of only one gender: male or female.


"Sets" is how we will group together different NFT collections of Zomons based on the context of their release. For example "Presale Zomons Collection", "Jurassic Event Zomons Collection", ...


The edition is very related to the set and will be a way to categorize the Zomos that appear within a Set. For example the Zomon ID#99 can belong to set "presale" edition "1".

3D Model

The 3D Model is the polygonal model that corresponds to the Zomon.

3D Base

The 3D Base model is the polygonal model of the base that corresponds to the Zomon.

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