The $VEIN token will be our business token and will be untethered to any of our games. The benefits of having the $VEIN token decoupled from our games are:

  • Token independence. Keeping the value of the $VEIN token separate from the economy of our assets allows the token to reflect the value of our company shares as a whole and not a single product.

  • Rewards to holders. Players and investors who decide to support our games or our company will have a series of rewards depending on whether they have the game token or the company token.

  • More stable economies. This division between gaming token and business token will help us create stable and long-lasting gaming economies. Unlike other studios, whose company tokens fluctuate wildly based on economic changes in their games.

  • E-sports economy. We will create an economy of spending (purchasing tickets) and rewards (as a prize for the winners) to make the enterprise token more useful.

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